The water is sourced from the clean water tap of your toilet water supply. The spray of the water will be the temperature of your water supply.

The water is sourced through the hose connected to the flush tank. Go through the Installation video provided on the User manual page.

The width of the base is adjustable so that it aligns with the holes of the seat cover. It can fit with seat bolts as close as 4.5″ and as far apart as 8″.

Yes, it should fit on a quick release hinge toilet seat. Please note that our bidets will not fit on seat covers with an inside curve in the back.

Recently, we have upgraded the product with Metal T adapter.

Yes, there are two nozzles, one for the front and the other for the rear wash. You can adjust the water pressure but not the nozzle directions. The desired position is adjusted through water pressure.

It should work as long as it has a seat with regular bolts and water line connection to the tank.

The controls are placed on the right side and can not be adapted for left handed use.

It fits most of the standard toilets.

Yes, X-clean 200 works with hard water but it is subject to calcium build up without proper maintenance.

Minimum 30 psi required to be fully functional.

It contains the bidet, braided hose, and a metal-T adapter.

Yes, it should fit.

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