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X-Clean Home Story

Making the world a little better for every one.

X-Clean Home Story

Making the world a little better for every one.

Our Origin Story

X-Clean Home was founded in March 2017 in Louisville, Kentucky, with the mission of creating innovative products for sanitary and hygiene issues, while making a positive footprint on the environment. The company currently distributes a variety of personal hygiene mechanical add-on bidets.

Today the company has expanded its market to Asia with the establishment of the foreign subsidiary firm Swachhpro Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Both the American and Asian companies have the primary focus of providing quality, affordable products for customers that guarantee them both satisfaction and customer support.

Our Values

Design Innovation

Hygiene Focused

People First

Affordable Solutions

User Friendly

Sustainable Environment


We aim to provide quality & affordable hygiene, related products that can be used by everyone with an assurance of quality & excellent customer support.


We are focused on finding & implementing innovative solutions to hygiene related issues faced by all people, while keeping the health of planet earth foremost focus in our minds.

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